A-Z Stainless

Fallon, NV

owners: Cody Zumalt (775) 230-2858 czweld@a-zstainless.com 
             Jason Auger  (775) 686-0029 jauger@a-zstainless.com

We create and repair high quality, American made, stainless steel tanks to the direct specifications of our customers in the wine, beer, food, and storage industries. We work both on site and in our warehouse. We produce high quality beer fermentation tanks, brite tanks, wine tanks, dairy tanks and CIP tanks, as well as distillation systems for essential oils, fuels, and alcohol. 

All out tanks are made in the USA!!!

A-Z Stainless is not limited to welding and fabrication of stainless steel; we also weld and fabricate all metals to meet the needs of our clients. 

Please visit our website at: www.A-Zstainless.com and on Facebook at A-Z Stainless LLC

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