EcoTensil Inc

Corte Madera, CA

EcoTensil makes award-winning, brandable utensils using pleasing sustainable paperboard similar to a coffee cup. 
•EcoTaster tasting utensils are perfect for sampling. They are more cost effective than any other compostable utensil. Use EcoTaster anytime you would use a tasting spoon, PLUS EcoTaster can even replace costly full-sized utensils for sampling because it has an almost full-sized bowl.
• Eco-iScoops are extra sturdy for sampling products like ice cream
• Full-sized, longer lasting EcoSpoon is ideal for FULL servings such as for packaging, frozen yogurt shops, schools, events and other food service.  
• SpoonLidz are convenient on-package spoons designed to fulfill growing demand for single-serve, to-go foods. 
Our full line of brandable on-package utensils are perfect for single-serve spoonable/forkable foods sold in delis, foodservice, vending machines, C-stores and other Grab&Go opportunities.

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Jessica Rogers

Sales & Marketing

Corte Madera, CA



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