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A leading manufacturer of filling, bagging, and weighing equipment for the almost 50 years, All-Fill Inc. combines our engineering expertise with our experience from our technical specialists to ensure that a machine from All-Fill meets the needs of our customers and optimizes their packaging line. Our plant is located in Pennsylvania, which handles the manufacturing of each product line, including All-Fill fillers, Avatar baggers (V/F/F/S), and Alpha Checkweighers. 

Other than our packaging equipment, another company by All-Fill, Auger Fabrication Inc., manufactures new, custom and replacement augers and accessories. Along with our extensive auger filler replacement tooling, we also manufacture parts for the horizontal auger industry such as ribbon augers, paddle screws, mixing blades, feed screws and more!

All-Fill and Auger Fabrication are always available for more information by phone at (610) 524-7350 or at

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As a small artisan food start-up I was not sure what to expect & whether I'd be taken seriously. Everyone I communicated with at All-Fill was nothing short of professional ... see more
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Jun. 22, 2016 Sold 1 unit of auger fillers to a customer in Baton Rouge, LA

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Jul 19, 2016

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As a small artisan food start-up I was not sure what to expect & whether I'd be taken seriously. Everyone I communicated with at All-Fill was nothing short of professional - from beginning to end. Responsive, knowledgeable, and respectful. I was impressed to know they manufacture their equipment on site in the USA. Doing business with them makes me feel good about supporting our local economy. I was also impressed to learn that they have worked with multi-national food ingredient manufacturers (including my former employer). Because of their outstanding customer service and track record on delivering on their promises, I highly recommend businesses give them a try - both small and large.

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I was in need of a bagger and a checkweigher for bath salts and All-Fill was able to provide me with all of these items without sending me to multiple locations to see the machines. Kyle and Bobby were great to work with on this project. They were able to work with my product very well. They even tested my product for me. I received my test results as well as videos of my product being filled in to its container. I came in for an acceptance test and was able to see the machine run up to my standards. There were a few small changes made and because of my schedule, I was not able to visit the plant again but they were able to send me another video of the machine running with all of the changes. It's in my plant and I have nothing to complain about. The best experience possible with people walking me through the entire process and helping me get the best equipment for my product.

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