Amorim Cork Composites

Trevor, WI

At Amorim Cork Composites (ACC), we strive  daily to reinvent the world: we recycle, reuse and reinvent entirely natural and organic materials. And thus do we invent a new world. We belong to Corticeira Amorim, a pioneer and  leader in the cork industry ever since the 19th century and which today is one of Portugal’s largest  industrial groups.

Corticeira Amorim has become the global cork  industry world leader, which still today remains its main business sector and grouped into four fields: stoppers, floor and wall coverings, insulation and composites. 

The cork not incorporated into the stopper industry represents the ideal raw material deployed in the development of a portfolio of materials tailored to the needs and requirements of various different industries – ranging from construction, with thermal-acoustic solutions, home and office decoration as well as design and functional objects  ensuring cork is of relevance to end consumers and through to the development of materials for hi-tech  industries – such as, the automobile, aeronautical and aerospace industrial sectors.

Innovation is our attitude and our driving force. ACC pioneered the implementation of the CORK.IN program, the Corticeira Amorim online platform for sharing and managing ideas about innovation.

This program seeks to strengthen Corticeira Amorim’s culture of continually adding competitive  value to cork through differentiation and innovation. This proves a catalyst for the integrated involvement of the entire company in seeking out new and innovative solutions. 

For us, the importance of the responsibility of contributing today for the future is an essential objective. Thus, we incorporate various raw materials into our products which aim to innovatively respond to competitive market demands, as well as create advances and cuttingedge procedures which grant the final consumer with unique products.

We fully assume our commitment to sustainability through an internal program that seeks to align all ACC members of staff around the strategic objectives enabling us to maintain the greatest of respect for the environment through products designed in accordance with the most demanding of applications and markets.

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