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Algonquin, IL

APAK Packaging Group, Inc. is a full service packaging solutions resource with particular expertise in manufacturing dedicated to providing our customers a competitive advantage through a wide array of packaging solutions.  Since 2010 APAK has designed, manufactured, distributed and brokered packaging solutions to our customers from our international manufacturing network.  APAK received the Vendor of the Year award in 2012 & 2015 from our distributors in the US.  Located in Algonquin, IL our Headquarters services an ever expanding global customer base.
APAK has the capabilities to take care of your every need i.e. designing unique or proprietary cost effective packaging solutions for your product from concept to finished product.  Tubes, Bottles, Caps, Jars, Sprayers, Pumps, Kit Packaging, you name it we can make it.  Glass, Plastic, Wood, and Aluminum materials are available for selection in any PANTONE Color imaginable.  Printing; offset, screen, or labels to complete your product presentation is available as well.
All Materials that we use in manufacturing are FDA Approved.   APAK Packaging Group continues to reinvest to further develop advanced state-of-the-art technology with the promise of a future that will provide greater opportunities and more rewards for our global associates, while providing a better service, and a competitive advantage to our customers.
Our continuing success is driven by our ability to anticipate ever changing market and customer needs.  This skill has never been more important than it is today. 
In recognition of this change, APAK embarked on a comprehensive program to provide a much wider product range, from basic cost effective products to complex high-end packaging systems. We are constantly monitoring our international sourcing to take advantage of favorable regional economics. We are also broadening our distribution network to better penetrate new market opportunities.  We are continuously upgrading our information systems throughout our global organization to meet 21st century needs.

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