Super Monte

Naples, FL

Appa Industries is the official AGENT of The Super Monte Group that is specializes in Beer Kegs for beer manufacturer market. As Italian Beer stainless steel Keg manufacturing industry we mantain high quality standards of the Made in Italy. We offer customized solutions: Pressurized Beer kegs made in Italy, Stainless steel DIN and Euro beer kegs, Stainless steel containers for wine industry, Customized stainless steel for Food industry, Pressure Kegs for wineries applications, Pressure vessel kegs for soft drinks, Made in Italy chemicals Kegs,  Design of new Kegs applications, Manufacturing facilities in Salento Italy, International engineering customer services, Production of stainless steel valves and fittings, Italian Stainless Steel industrial barrel beer, High end Italian manufacturing process

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Jul. 14, 2016 Sold 9 units of kegs to a customer in Mission, TX

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