Aqua Products Company, Inc

Prosperity, SC

Aqua Products Company, Inc has been a manufacturer of Brewery, Winery and Distiller Chillers since 1993, and is one of the front runners in building the best affordable quality chillers for the Beverage Industry. 

Craft Brewing and Microbreweries are just a few of the many applications that make Aqua Products BrewMaster Chillers one of the best designed beverage chillers in today's market place. We are proud to be made in the USA.
The success in any Brewery is to have the ability to have control over your recipe temperatures and as closely and efficiently with a reliable glycol chiller system. The Aqua BrewMaster glycol chiller systems are designed to supply your brewery process with the right temperature chilled water for your specific requirements, and at a constant water volume you must have to produce the best beer.

We realize there are a lot of chiller  options on the market today trying to provide cooling for your brewery applications. It is our mission that each and every Aqua Products Chiller we create is created as if we were going to use it ourselves. We do not build cookie cutter machines nor do we mass produce our chillers. Each Aqua Products Chiller is hand crafted by skilled craftsmen with over a 100 years of total experience.. Check out our NextGen Chiller that could actually pay for itself by saving as you much as $1,500.00 per year in energy costs over standard chiller technology. Our shinning star is our BrewMaster Beast a dual circuit design that gives you some backup power if needed. Our Aqua Flex Chiller is a true module chiller and is one of the favorites because of it's affordable design and ability to grow as your business grows. 

All Aqua Products Chillers come standard precharged with R-404A refrigerant, digital controls, 24 volt control circuit, coax heat exchanger, ETL listing and more. Let us help you design the right chiller for your application by contacting our Aqua Products Company design staff.. 


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