Beer Glasses Purchasing Guide

What you need to know before making your custom imprint beer glass purchase

By Kinnek Community  |  March 11, 2016

Before you make a purchase, let Kinnek do the hard part. Submit a free request for quotes using the form to the right, and we'll get multiple suppliers to provide you their beer glass offerings and pricing. This way, you can compare all your options in one place!

Beer glasses are essential for restaurants and bars. Many different styles, sizes, and colors are available in bulk from our suppliers. The minimum quantity is generally 72 or 144, but this will vary based on the style of glass and the supplier. It is often more economical to condense your order into as few shipments as possible to save on freight costs, which can be significant.

Customization is important to make your beer glasses stand out, and the suppliers on Kinnek can decorate your order with an imprinted logo or design. There is typically an initial set-up charge for imprints, but some distributors will waive the fee if you order at least 12 cases (144 glasses).


Pint glass

Logo pint glass

Pilsner glass

Decorated pilsner glass

Beer mug

Imprinted beer mug

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