Craft Distilling Infographic: In Good Spirits

Explore the state of the craft distilling industry in the US with this handy infographic from Kinnek.

By Kinnek Community  |  April 04, 2016
By Kinnek Community | April 4, 2016

Check out this handy overview of a booming industry courtesy of Kinnek, the Distilled Spirits Council of the US and the American Craft Spirits Association:

Craft Distilling is back

We designed this handy overview to highlight how the industry is faring in the US. For example, did you know?

  • Last year, more than 1400 businesses attended the American Distilling Institute annual convention;
  • There are almost 800 craft distilleries in the US;
  • Almost 630 million liters of spirits were sold in the US last year;
  • Gin, bourbon, tequila and rum are the industry's fastest-growing categories;
  • It took 100 years for the US craft distilling economy to rebound following Prohibition.

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