Crema Coffee

Crema Coffee, a small coffee shop in Greenpoint Brooklyn is helping a growing number of customers with their daily grind.

By Kinnek Community  |  August 20, 2015

Business Owner: Jin Han 
Business: Crema Coffee
Location: Brooklyn, NYC

If you pitch up at Crema in Brooklyn, you will likely be impressed by the steady flow of customers stopping by for their daily coffee fix. A Greenpoint resident of seven years, Jin Han opened Crema on a quiet street in Brooklyn two years ago to serve the growing population of young professionals in the neighborhood. At Crema, coffee lives up to its current reputation as a luxury item. On offer this summer is a bittersweet and refreshing espresso tonic that blends locally roasted espresso beans and Fever Tree tonic water. The coffeeshop features beans roasted at Toby's Estate and pastries baked at Ovenly, both of which are within a mile of the café.  

Jin's academic background in fine art shines through in the café's decor, filled with contemporary pieces from his own collection. "I still work as an advisor to private art collectors, but coffee is my second passion and it provides a steady income", Jin shares. He dabbled in the raw coffee export business but decided to take the leap when he saw Crema's space pop up on the market. That could be boiled down to good luck, but Crema's success is built on dedication to high-quality coffee and friendly, efficient service. His biggest piece of advice to new café owners is to maintain oversight of every aspect of the business - at least in the early days. "More affluent owners may hire someone to run their business, but I think it’s important to come in everyday in the beginning to ensure you aren't losing that first impression".  

Crema isn't on a major street or near a subway station in Brooklyn. Jin says the café's last boost in sales can be attributed to  installing an awning but beyond that, growth is limited by their cozy, but obscure location. To manage growth, Jin is planning to wholesale Crema's signature iced chai blend this fall. Jin describes the product as having "the right balance between sweet and spicy", a tested approach to a beverage that can veer towards being too cloying or strongly spiced. When a food consultant encouraged him to package and sell the product at specialty shops, Jin began researching pasteurization and shelf-stable packaging processes. The team at Kinnek was excited to help him source the supplies and equipment he needed to launch his wholesale business! We’re proud Jin is part of the Kinnek community and look forward to helping him take his coffee and chai business to the next level.  

Next time you're in Brooklyn, don't forget to stop by Crema Coffee! 182 Driggs Ave Brooklyn, NY 11222

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