Kinnek August Newsletter

In this first edition of Kinnek's newsletter for small businesses, we spotlight Triton Brewing, one of Kinnek's member businesses and explore changes in Congress. See below for more...

By Kinnek Community


Yuengling gives us three keys to its longevity Mashable

German immigrant David G. Yuengling founded a brewery in Pottsville, Pa., and what’s perhaps even more impressive is that it’s been in the Yuengling family all this time. Six generations in and going strong, Yuengling Brewery has grown exponentially over the years.

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20 Way to Improve Your Restaurant and Bar Business Scarlett O’Hara Group

Tips from a marketing and advertising consultancy focused on helping small businesses succeed.

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Kinnek Member Spotlight: Triton Brewing Company Kinnek Knowledge Team

Triton Brewing, located in the heartland of Indiana, recently used Kinnek to get quotes and find new suppliers for some major purchases. We caught up with David Waldman, the Founder and Operations Director, to get his thoughts and insights.

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7 Things Well-Liked People Always Do Inc.

They like you, they really like you! Or do they? Likeability can make you a better manager and leader. And you'll like being more likeable.

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EU and US at stand-off over .wine domain names Decanter

France's government is upset that ICANN has refused to halt its planned release of .wine and .vin internet 'top-level domain' names.

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Press Clips: Another Trademark Dispute; Pig’s Blood Shuts Down Brewery Brewbound

There are only so many words in the English language. As anyone who pays close attention to the beer industry is acutely aware, this fact seems to rear its head constantly in the form of trademark disputes...

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