Spotlight: Justin Hertz, Liquid Bottles

Justin Hertz, owner of Liquid Bottles, shares his feedback on how Kinnek took his business to another level.

By Kinnek Community  |  August 11, 2015

Supplier: Liquid Bottles
Contact: Justin Hertz, Owner
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Kinnek: Tell us more about your business?

Justin: Here at Liquid Bottles, we understand the value of great customer service. I know companies always say that but here at Liquid Bottles, we truly mean it.  Our customers mean the world to us.  We’ve been in business now for about a year and in that time we’ve had more referral business than we could have ever dreamed of. 

As a business owner, I’m fortunate to have the team around me that I do.  My team consists of friends who I’ve known for at least 15 years and we all have the same goal… to run the strongest, most honest company that we possibly can.  I can say with complete certainty, that no other bottle supplier out there cares about their customers more than we do. 

Kinnek: What inspired you to start Liquid Bottles?

Justin: Liquid Bottles was started because we understood there was a void in the industry. The Eliquid/Vapor industry was booming and yet there wasn’t a bottle supplier out there who catered to the industry’s direct needs. Yes, there are plenty of other bottle suppliers out there but as many of my customers know all too well, none of them truly care about this industry.  Customer service is poor, other vendors don’t truly care about this industry and they don’t take customer demands seriously. The difference is we know our customers have a business to run. If a customer tells us that they need 5,000 of product A each month, we set 5,000 of product A aside for them each month! We don’t want our customers to have to halt production because we’re out of stock on something. This is of course much easier said than done and it takes time to build up that inventory for each and every customer.  But once you become a customer of ours, we do everything we can to prepare for you and your company’s needs.

Kinnek: What inspires you about your industry?

Justin: The Vapor industry is amazing. I go to as many of the conventions/shows I possibly can around the country. I can honestly say that I’ve never been a part of a community that’s so aware and knowledgeable about their own industry. Most of these companies got into the industry for the same reason: to help people quit smoking cigarettes by giving smokers a healthier alternative. They’re part of organizations in their own states and sometimes multiple states, fighting for your right to “vape”. The industry is constantly under attack by people who are misinformed on the health risks involved with cigarettes vs. vaping.  Liquid Bottles is a member of the Florida Smoke Free Association and we highly recommend everyone to go and join one of these amazing groups to help fight for your right to vape. 

Kinnek: Liquid Bottles has a strong online presence. In addition to Kinnek, you're on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. What do you like the most about each channel?

Justin: We love these social media outlets. They’re a great way for us to show off new products and specials but also to interact with customers on a daily basis. We try to be as active as possible on Instagram and plan on getting more active on Twitter and Facebook in the very near future. Our customers are our greatest asset; these platforms are great for speaking to them whenever they need us! I even give my cell phone number out to all of my customers, so if they need me… they know I’m always available for them!

Kinnek: What’s your experience been like interacting with customers on Kinnek?


Justin: Kinnek has been a game changer for us. Kinnek really took our business to another level! The entire interface is perfectly laid out.  I always have my Kinnek page open and get to interact with customers daily through the chat boxes on each of their quote pages. Just like any customer we get, through anything… I like calling my customers. So when I see a new lead come through and it looks like a customer who needs something I can help them with right away… I always send them a quote and then try to reach them by phone (assuming they give a number and time of day they prefer to talk). I truly could not be happier with my experience with Kinnek, it’s been everything I could wish it to be… and much much more!

Kinnek: How has Kinnek impacted your day-to-day?

Justin: Kinnek is a HUGE part of my day. I get excited when I see a fresh lead come through! But not only that, I also spend time each day going back through old contacts and seeing if there is a way for me to help out a customer today that I maybe couldn’t help out a couple months ago. I do what I can to stay in contact with customers because as we all know, businesses change direction from time to time. Whenever a customer reaches out to me through Kinnek, I try to respond immediately. I know customers have businesses to run and their time is valuable.  I don’t want my customers waiting days for responses… so I do whatever I can to respond right away.  
Kinnek: What are your future plans for Liquid Bottles?

Justin: Liquid Bottles is growing rapidly!! And a huge part of our success has been the team at Kinnek helping get us off the ground!! We have a lot of new products coming in the next few weeks, and are excited about expanding our product line. We also have a new website going up. Our new site is going to be much easier for customers to navigate, will show all of our products, and will also soon be a great networking tool for customers to meet other customers around the country to help generate new business! We have EJuice companies from Florida, to Washington State, up to Canada, over to New Hampshire, all through California, and of course everywhere in-between. We want to create a channel for our customers to interact with each other and help get their products out there around the country. We are all about family here at Liquid Bottles, and we love seeing our customers grow along with us!

Kinnek Takeaways:

  • Take advantage of social media to build out your brand;
  • Design a site that not only showcases your company’s products & services but also acts as a conduit for customers to meet and learn more about each other;
  • Allowing customers who focus on similar things to forge new connections on your site provides value for them and your business too;
  • Build a business that showcases your passion to your customers. 


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