Kinnek Purchasing Trends 2015: Craft Breweries

Kinnek shares purchasing trends for US craft breweries in 2015.

By Jeremy Martin

Recently we revealed the top purchasing trends among craft breweries in 2015 with Craft Brewing Business. Check out what they had to say below:

Image of the Kinnek 2015 purchasing report.Ever wonder what sort of brewing equipment and supplies your fellow craft brewers are buying these days? To help answer this question, we turned to Kinnek, the ultimate craft brewery purchasing marketplace. 

Last year, we looked at the answers by region. Those results highlighted a growing “brewhouse belt,” which stretched from Montana down to New Mexico, and an active corner in the northeast states, as well, thanks to Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. This year, however, we just wanted the straight numbers.

In the table pictured on the left, we see the most requested and least requested brewing supplies on Kinnek in 2015 (% change compared to 2014). Craft brewery purchasing trends are more tied to industry expansion, so a slight dip in breweries could indicate a subtle slow-down in the massive year-over-year growth in overall breweries. 

And geez, everyone is good on growlers, I guess....?!

They also created this heat map, which shows the “State of the Union” for breweries in 2015. 

The maps below show the states with the most breweries in 2015 (adjusted for population) on the left, and the states with the greatest increase in craft breweries on the right, which is based on the number of requests for quotes on Kinnek.Image of the Kinnek "State of the Union" for breweries in 2015. 

Last year, many of the requests per capita for brewery equipment and supplies came from the Northwest region of the United States, with Vermont and Delaware representing the East Coast.

This article was originally published in Craft Brewing Business

Looking for more info? Check out the video below to see how easy it is to purchase for your craft brewery on Kinnek:

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