Kinnek Suppliers at Craft Brewers Conference 2015

Here, we profile Kinnek suppliers appearing at Craft Brewers Conference 2015. Read on to learn about each of the companies and how Kinnek can help you get quotes from them today.

By Harrison Congdon  |  April 08, 2015

Do you know which Kinnek Suppliers will be at Craft Brewers Conference 2015?

This year, some of our top Kinnek suppliers will be at Craft Brewers Conference 2015 in Portland. They'll be exhibiting alongside some of the top industry suppliers in the nation. Check-out their profiles - along with links to their Kinnek company pages - below!

Prospero Equipment Booth 1434

Image of the Prospero logo

Prospero is one of the leading providers for equipment in the beverage industry with over 40 years of experience. Headquartered in Pleasantville, NY, the company has additional locations in Geneva, NY, Windsor, CA, McMinnville, OR, Montreal, QC, and Kelowna, BC. 

Product Offerings: Brewhouses, fermenters, bottle fillers, keg washers, filling machines, and more.

Kinnek Supplier Company Profile

ACS (Atlantic Custom Solutions) - Booth 238

Image of Atlantic Custom Solutions logo

ACS is a national supplier of personalized, decorative drinkware. Based in Howardsville, VA, ACS sources affordable drinkware, along with a variety of promotional items, as well!

Product Offerings: Growlers, beer glasses, disposible cups, koozies, and more.

Kinnek Supplier Company Profile

ClearWater Gear - Booth 2359

Image of ClearWater Gear logo

For the past 33 years, ClearWater Gear has dispensed over 30 million prints of custom drinkware from their warehouse in Sandpoint, Idaho. From glassware to growlers, ClearWater's premier customer service has won this company multiple top vendor awards.

Product Offerings: Growlers, keg growlers, beer glasses, and more.

Kinnek Supplier Company Profile

BrewSuit - Booth 2093

Image of BREWsuit logo

Based out of Calistoga, CA, BrewSuit is a supplier of growlers and other promotional items. The company has 30 years of experience in retail and promotional product design and distribution, and has been working in the craft beer industry for the last 10 years.

Product Offerings: Growlers, koozies, growler sleeves, and more.

Kinnek Supplier Company Profile

Gamer Packaging Inc. - Booth 1515

Image of Gamer Packaging Inc. logo  

Gamer Packaging's founder Ron Gamer has over 50 years experience in the packaging industry. From their headquaters in Minneapolis, MN, the company prides themselves on creating tailored solutions based on each customer's individual needs.

Product Offerings: Beer bottles, aluminum cans, bottle carriers, and more.

Kinnek Supplier Company Profile

Bridgetown Brew Systems - Booth 2488

Photo of Bridgetown Brew Systems logo on stainless steel plaque  

Headquartered on the outskirts of Portland in Gresham, OR, Bridgetown Brew System has over 40 years of experience in the brewing industry. With a passion for efficient brew systems and great customer service, Bridgetown prides themselves on creating high-quality brewing equipment made "by brewers, for brewers".

Product Offerings: Brewhouses, distillery equipment, and more.

Kinnek Supplier Company Profile

American Keg Company (formerly Geemacher) - Booth 548 

Image of American Keg Company logo

American Keg Company (formerly Geemacher) is the only stainless-steel keg manufacturer in the US. Based out of Pottstown, PAAmerican Keg supplies quality kegs at an affordable price.

Product Offerings: Kegs

Kinnek Supplier Company Profile


Check out the video below to see Kinnek's Charles Pan explain how we're helping brewers connect with suppliers more easily than ever before. Kinnek suppliers at Craft Brewers Conference 2015, that includes you!

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