Member Spotlight: Lagardère Unlimited

Lagardère Unlimited is a global sports and new media agency specializing in event coordination and management. Event Assistant Ebahi Ejerekhile speaks about her experiences with Kinnek.

By Kinnek Community  |  March 11, 2016

Lagardère Unlimited is a global sports and new media agency specializing in event coordination and management. They recently used Kinnek to find suppliers for some promotional materials for their biggest event of the year. We spoke with Ebahi Ejerekhile, one of their Event Assistants, to hear about her experiences with Kinnek.

Ebahi Ejerekhile, Event Assistant

Can you tell us what you do with Lagardère Unlimited?

We are an event marketing company and my branch is the entity for North American events. Our premier event is the ITU World triathlon featuring world class athletes and local participants come out to race with the elite athletes. We have 4,000 registrants and we’re still growing our numbers. In general, we’re in the sport endurance industry and put on events for different cities and their communities. In 2015, we’ll be hosting the grand final which will be the championship, crowning the ultimate winner.

What were you using Kinnek for and how did you find it helpful? We’ve had so many participants sign up and we wanted to get them glassware as a thank you, to show our appreciation to these runners for putting their trust in our planning. People love pub glasses and actually keep them, so we wanted something universal, versatile, and branded. We're also doing collaborations with Chicago sports team and needed multiple sets of stickers for the race. Being able to send out one request and get several quotes back made the process easier. I originally thought I would have to use several sites and put in requests with multiple suppliers, but with Kinnek, I only had to do it once. I was able to get me multiple quotes, and Kinnek was the only site I needed to use.

If you could describe Kinnek in three words, what would they be? Fast, simple-to-use, and valuable. It was definitely worth my time and effort to work with you guys.

What's a challenge you had with purchasing that immediately went away after using Kinnek? The biggest challenge before Kinnek was getting the quotes in a speedy amount of time. On my first day of using Kinnek, I got 5-6 quotes back; it gave me more time to work on my other projects. I can simply put in my order and wait to hear back. I also feel like I found more suppliers going through Kinnek than if I were going to search for them myself. I probably would’ve missed out on a few great suppliers; one of yours even gave me a call. I loved that personal touch and know you guys work with the best suppliers out there.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 3.24.11 PM
ITU World Triathlon in Chicago

What do you like to do in your free time? I’m a cyclist and love exploring the city of Chicago on my bike. I've only been here for a little over a year and it’s all pretty new to me.

What are some types of items that you’ll need to purchase for your clients in the next few months? Shirts: t-shirts, staff shirts, and other specialized gear. I would also love to make more pub glasses to create a line of special editions, one for each year. We also work with high level corporations in Chicago, and if they want to wow one of their clients then they go through us. When I personally handle those accounts, I will definitely be using Kinnek. If my colleagues ask me for anything else, I’ll let them know that I know the perfect site that can help them out haha.

How do you think the athletes are going to respond to the personalized glassware? I hope they respond super fantastically well. I really want to wow them and especially with those specialized gold rims, I know our team loves them and we hope the athletes will too! Thanks Ebahi for your time! Here at Kinnek, we can help you with any of your purchasing needs, whether you need glassware, promotional shirts, caps, bags, medals, or something to wow those execs at your next retreat. Sign up for free or log in to your existing account. Send us an email if you'd like to be features in next month's Kinnek Member Spotlight. Also, check out the ITU World Triathlon in Chicago and maybe you'll see Ebahi at the finish line!

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