Let Your Customers Speak For You

By Karthik Sridharan  |  May 02, 2019

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“I am the most handsome person you’ve ever seen.”

“We consider ourselves to be Philadelphia’s best hotel—and our mothers agree.”

“We have the best burger in New York—trust us.”


Imagine if you heard these claims in your personal life. You’d probably consider them ridiculous, almost laughably untrustworthy—right? When you put unverified claims on your website like “#1 supplier” or “best in the industry” with no objective sources and no validation from your customers, just remember that your prospective customers are thinking the same thing.


Here at Kinnek, we encourage businesses that sell to other businesses (i.e. B2B suppliers) to do this simple exercise:


Look at your website as if you were a prospective customer, and watch out for claims that are not backed up by any evidence. These are weak spots in your online reputation and trustworthiness. Whether you realize it or not, they’re causing you to lose out on sales.

While it’s not hard to identify these weak points in your trustworthiness, it’s extremely difficult to address them. From our experience, the most effective way to build trustworthiness is to use third-party validation- i.e. to have others say things about you that validate your claims. The most potent form of third-party validation comes from your past customers.


This shouldn’t come as a big surprise to you. After all, the business world is built on a foundation of trust and relationships, and each customer is worth a lot more in dollar terms than a single customer of a consumer-facing business like a restaurant. So it stands to reason that what businesses customers say about their experience with you carries significant weight. Our research has shown that having 10 verified customer reviews can result in your sales conversion rate improving by 1.3x (Source: Kinnek Reviews Study 2012–2018)


Once that you recognize that customer validation is a major missing component to your reputation and a big roadblock to improving your sales funnel, the big question to ask is: “How do I collect customer validation for sharing with my prospects?”


That’s where Kinnek can help. We empower you to let your customers speak on your behalf to convince prospects that they should work with you. We do this in two major ways:


1.) Verified customer reviews

Kinnek helps you easily collect, verify, and display reviews from verified customers of yours. We verify that the reviews are written by actual customers and mark the reviews as “Verified”, further adding to their trust-generating potency.


Kinnek reviews are never anonymous. They’re verified to be from actual customers of yours.

Reviews written through Kinnek are not ordinary reviews- they are descriptive customer mini-stories, detailing that customer’s experience with you. They are filled with trust-inducing information like images, videos, specifications about the purchases the reviewer made from you, and even how many years they’ve been a customer of yours. Having even a few Kinnek reviews is worth so much more than having hundreds of non-descriptive, anonymous reviews or testimonials.


Imagine if you had ten or more verified customer reviews like this- it would be game-changing.


2.) Customer endorsements

Aside from reviews, Kinnek also empowers you to collect endorsements from your customers for specific capabilities. Beautiful, powerful, impactful- Kinnek’s customer endorsements are an entirely new form of customer validation. While reviews are meant to improve your trustworthiness in more broad-based ways, customer endorsements are meant to be targeted. If you want to ensure that your prospects view you as trustworthy for very specific capabilities, then Kinnek’s customer endorsements are the ideal solution for you.


Kinnek’s customer endorsements are an entirely new form of customer validation.



At this point, I hope you’re excited about the potential impact of collecting customer validation through Kinnek. Still, I imagine you’re probably thinking to yourself, “This sounds like it will be a major pain to go about collecting all of this information from my customers.” I completely understand that sentiment; luckily for you, Kinnek has tools to make it extremely easy to collect all the information we just discussed. In fact, all it takes is a simple copy and paste of the email addresses of your favorite customers—our system handles the rest! With literally a few seconds of work, you can build a solid foundation of customer validation:


We’re so excited to share more about the power of Kinnek Reputation and how we can help you let your customers speak for you! If you’re a supplier that sells to small businesses and wants to learn more about how you can use Kinnek to build customer trust, email us at questions@kinnek.com or call us at (800) 784–3151. We’d love to chat more!

Karthik Sridharan is co-founder & CEO of Kinnek.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, he was formerly a Researcher at AQR Capital Management. He’s passionate about helping small businesses. In his spare time, he enjoys breakfast cereal, the Utah Jazz, and mangoes.

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