Kinnek November Newsletter

In this edition of Kinnek's newsletter for small businesses, learn more about email productivity, the long slog of starting up a business, and more...

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5 Ways to Boost Your Email Productivity Today Inc

Want a boost? Try using these tips to be more productive with your email. Your recipients will be glad you did.

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What Does It Take to Sell Quinoa in the Land of Grits? New York Times

The R. Thomas Deluxe Grill, an Atlanta health-food restaurant, took 10 years to become a success.

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IPA demand continues to rise in on-premise channel Craft Brewing Business

The IPA remains the real king of the craft brewing industry’s slow and steady domination of the beer drinking landscape.

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Your Typical Online Wine Buyer: Rich Married Guys Snooth

A recent research project by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo has revealed the typical online wine buyer.

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Small Business Trends: The Hungriest States Kinnek

As Chief Data Scientist at Kinnek, I’m interested not only in how the platform impacts small businesses, but how small business dynamics on Kinnek relate to the broader economy as well.

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