Member Spotlight: Pig Pounder Brewery

A Greensboro, NC brewery speaks to Kinnek

By Kinnek Community  |  March 11, 2016
Member Spotlight: Pig Pounder Brewery 
A Greensboro, NC brewery speaks to Kinnek 

Pig Pounder Brewery provides traditional English brews to its four sister restaurants, Darryl’s Wood Fired Grill, Marshall Free House, Burger Warfare, and Yo Daddy’s. Kinnek caught up with Alex Howard of Pig Pounder to talk beer and the challenges of starting a new brewery.
What do you think Greensboro beer drinkers will be most excited about with Pig Pounder?
Alex: Well I don’t want to say we’re not your typical brewery, but we are primarily an English style focused brewery specializing in cask ales or “real” ales. We have a unique cask cooler where we store our ales to condition them until we’re ready to distribute. Our brew master, Sam Rose, who came from Highland Brewing Company, has also been very active in the process of opening. 
Can you tell us a little bit about how Pig Pounder started out?
Alex: The Pig Pounder Brewery is named after a beer launched by our sister restaurant, Darryl's Wood Fired Grill, in 1988. The beer was called Darryl’s Original Premium Lager, which was served in a 16 oz. bottle with the head of a pig on the label. As the locals fell in love with this beer, it developed a nickname, The Pig Pounder, named simply after the pig and the quantity. [16 ounces, one British pound]. Our CEO Marty Kotis really liked the name, so it stuck
Here at the Pig Pounder microbrewery we specialize in producing unique and interesting artisanal beers, including types like a Saison and a Barley wine. We also feature an interactive tasting room, and patio designed for connecting with our guests and educating you further about our beers and the process behind making them.

Alex Howard with Assistant Brewer Genisis Dancer and Head Brewer Sean Rose

What’s your role at the brewery?
Alex: My title is Administrative Assistant / Tasting Room Manager. I mainly handle orders on all the glassware and the growlers. I’m responsible for gathering multiple quotes for each product that we’re ordering. It involves a lot of trying to get everything done in a short amount of time and you guys have been really helpful in doing that. I also help with hiring and running the tasting, organizing private events, tours, scheduling, and other administrative tasks.
In what ways has Kinnek been helpful to you?
Alex: Basically any time I needed anything I’d get my emails answered very quickly. Kinnek was very good about reaching out to the different suppliers. Before, I was having trouble getting responses [from suppliers] as quickly as I would have liked. Anything I needed, Kinnek was there to help. The service does a lot just to make sure everything’s running smoothly.
Do you have any advice for all the new and expanding breweries out there?
Alex: It’s fun. I can’t wait to open. It’s a great feeling and it’s something I’m really proud of.  We have a lot of great beers that I can’t wait for everyone to experience. I think this place is super cool. I’m glad that the beer industry is booming because I really like craft beer and [Pig Pounder] is a cool place to work.

Growlers and pint glasses Alex ordered from Kinnek

What’s your favorite beer at Pig Pounder?
Alex: We’re in the middle of brewing our ESB and our Boar Brown which are both excellent but my favorite beer that I’ve tried so far is probably our Saison.
How about future plans? Where do you see the brewery going in the coming years?
Alex: There are definitely plans for expansion. Our owner has talked about opening another production brewery in Edens, NC. We also own the property next to us so there has been talk about expanding there as well. 
Thanks for taking the time to talk, Alex!
Here at Kinnek, we’re proud to have helped them get started and we can help your business too. Whether you're brewery, winery, bakery, restaurant, hotelfarm, or any other business that has major purchasing needs Kinnek makes finding suppliers easy. Sign up for free or log in to your existing account.  Send us an e-mail for a chance to be featured in the next Kinnek Member Spotlight!
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