Printing Pressed?

Branding and labels are a hot topic for beverage makers right now. See expert advice to help your business avoid common printing mistakes.

By Kinnek Community  |  March 04, 2016
By Kinnek Community, February 29. 2016

Last month the Kinnek team attended the US Beverage Expo in Washington, D.C. The conference yielded great conversations with small business owners and vendors from across the beverage industry. Here are some insights we learned from a conversation with Logo Label Printing, a specialist in label printing technology. 

Check out these tips to ensure you get the best deal for your labels:

Color Consistency

Color FocusAchieving consistency of color with short label print runs is hard. If you get 500 printed and then do 500 more in another run, they might not match in color. Air temperature and humidity can affect color.

That means your products might get to the shelf and look different. Ultimately, that makes your business look less professional. A good label maker can keep those factors under control. Save old labels ready for the next print run and ask your printer vendor to match them.

Own Your Design

Printing PressMost label makers do graphic design for a nominal fee, because it leads to label orders. Be aware: if you decide not to go with that label maker, they may withhold the logo or send it back in a low-res format that's unusable, which means you’ll have to start from scratch. Though the cost may be minimal, that's a time loss for your business.

Whatever the situation, you don't want to contend with a company claiming that's standard “Industry standard practice”. Instead get proof you own the label by getting that in writing at the start of the project. Also be sure to specify you want the results as high resolution image files in adobe illustrator or a native format.

blank sticker wine bottlesSlick Sticking Tips

If your labels aren’t sticking to bottles, try this simple trick: wipe the bottle down with a cloth and try again! Lots of bottles have a bit of oil residue on them from manufacturing, even if the manufacturer claims not. Just wipe the bottle down and the label will usually stick just fine.

Bubble Buster

If your labels have air bubbles in them then it’s likely they’re loaded crooked in the labeling machine. Often it's hard to tell they’re crooked with the naked eye. Get out a level to check first and make sure they're straight. Even a slight offset will cause wrinkles and air in your labels.

Great advice for all aspiring and revamping beverage brands!

Ready to put that advice into practice? Find community-vetted bottle label suppliers on Kinnek today >>


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