St. Patrick's Day Pub Promotions: How Galway Bay Pub Honors Its Heritage

If you're curious to know how Galway Bay Pub honors its Irish heritage, look no further than the tavern's St. Patrick's Day pub promotions.

By Harrison Congdon  |  March 10, 2015

The St. Patrick's Day pub promotions that Galway Bay Pub runs each year to honor its Irish heritage take the expression "a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" to a whole different level.

Planning St. Patrick's Day Pub Promotions: Honoring Heritage and Good BusinessPhoto of Galway Bay Irish Pub Co-Owner Chris Doyle

Like many Irish pubs, Galway Bay in Ocean Shores, Washington celebrates St. Paddy's Day by throwing a party...but not just any party. Kinnek customer Chris Doyle, one of the owners of the old-world Irish tavern, describes the celebration as "five full days of non-stop food, fun, culture, and live music honoring the Irish tradition". They call it their "St. Paddy's Feis" celebration and as Chris explains, the weeks leading up to the festivities are some of the most exciting of the entire year. 

This year, Americans were expected to spend over $4.4bn to celebrate the popular holiday. For those in the beer industry, sales generated on March 17th can be lucrative enough to support growth for the entire year. 

For Galway Bay Pubextensive preparation for Saint Patrick's Day enables the small business to capitalize on these profits: "By celebrating over a period of several days, St. Paddy's Feis allows us to capture a lot more sales," explains Chris. 

Strategic planning for the 5-day event begins more than four weeks prior to March 17th, when Chris and his team begin creating their "St. Paddy's Feis" event checklist. As the big day approaches, the intensity mounts: "The physical preparation for St. Paddy's Feis requires us to bring several volunteers on-board, in addition to our regular, paid staff," says Chris. Involving the community is absolutely essential to making sure Galway Bay's St. Patrick's Day pub promotions are successful.

Promoting St. Patrick's with Diverse Programming

The special relationship Galway Bay Pub has with both their community and clientele is emphasized throughout the course of their 5-day-event, which is what makes St. Paddy's Feis at the pub so unique. Both the business' owners are founding members of the Irish Heritage Club of Grays Harbor and build out a diverse program of events including raffles during celebrations to benefit the organization and ensure Galway Bay Pub honors its heritage.

Image of Galway Bay Pub's advertisement for St. Paddy's Feis 2015 In addition, the business supports the local art scene in Ocean Shores, organizing various performances featuring over 10 different local bands throughout the 5-day-celebration. Finally, one of St. Paddy's Feis' main events is a parade that marches through the city and concludes back at the pub

When It Comes To Pub Promotions, Food is Key

At Galway Bay Pub, St. Patrick's Day is about more than just consuming delicious Irish ales and what Chris calls: "everybody's favorite Irish-American dish - corned-beef cabbage".

Instead he encourages revelers to explore the pub's extensive traditional Irish menu featuring items such as Galway's famous shepherd's pie, bangers and mash and assorted veggie pastries. Good food and drink fuel the festivities and keep pub punters coming back for more throughout the 5-day feast. In order to ensure things go without a hitch, Chris stocks up on glassware and food service items well in advance to keep his customers' pints and plates overflowing.  

Celebrating Work Well Done

Though the spirit of St. Patrick's Day has always been somewhat light-hearted, preparation for an important event such as St. Paddy's Feis must be handled with a great deal of consideration and care.

Photo of a row of three filled Guinness beer glasses Having planned and produced the 5-day-event for the past several years now, Chris understands its importance to both Galway Bay Pub and the Ocean Shore community. However once the event is over, it's time for the business owner to enjoy a little celebration of the event too. 

Chris states: "After organizing a big celebration like St. Paddy's Feis, my business partner and I like to sit back and relax on our pub's patio with a fine cigar, a Galway Bay Irish Ale and perhaps even a little Irish whiskey. It's important to treat yourself once you've put in all that hard work and more importantly, celebrate your sucess." 

No matter what your St. Patrick's Day pub promotions ultimately entail, we couldn't agree more with Chris about taking the time to toast all of your hard work. On that note, here's to enjoying a lucrative St. Patrick's Day full-of-green. May the luck of the Irish be with you and your business!

Galway Bay Irish Pub, Restaurant and Gifts featuring live music and authentic Irish cuisine is located at:

880 Point Brown Ave NE
Ocean Shores, WA 98569
(360) 289-2300

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