Starting a Cider Business

Thinking about starting a cider business or just curious to learn more about the industry? Kinnek's cider resource guide has you covered!

By Kinnek Community  |  November 04, 2015

Are you an apple producer, supplier or cider enthusiast looking to start your own hard cider business? Whatever your business goal, Kinnek has you covered. We've created a cider resource guide ideal for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of all things cider. 

Starting a Cider Business: A Guide

Starting a cider business certainly isn't as easy as it might look. From the extremely complex tax classifications and federal compliance regulations to the actual cider-making process itself, cider production certainly isn't for the faint-hearted. With the rapid growth of the industry, more and more cider-related resources are becoming available to anyone even remotely keen on expanding their cider knowledge.

We've compiled the following information to build out a comprehensive cider business resource guide. This guide is for any existing cider maker, supplier, or budding enthusiast looking for more information on everything from from industry events and conferences to trade associations and more. It's particularly ideal for anyone who's thinking about starting a cider business of their own. Cheers!

Trade Organizations & Associations



United States Association of Cider Makers (Nationwide) - An organization of cider and perry producers across the US passionate about the growth and development of the cider industry in America. An absolutely essential resource for anyone thinking about starting a cider business. 

Image of the Cider Institute of North America logo


The Cider Institute of North America (North America) - A non-profit organization, the Cider Institute of North America promotes the growth of the cider industry through education and developmental learning. Collaborating with some of the top universities in the US (i.e. Cornell, Oregon State, and others), the organization's main goal is to empower all current and would-be cider makers. 

Image of the Glynwood logo


Glynwood Cider Project (Northeast USA) - As the producer of both NYC and Hudson Valley Cider Week, the Glynwood Cider Project is the brains behind the Hudson Valley Cider Alliance as well as the New York Cider Association. The Cider Project was established to increase sales and demand for regional craft cider. 

Image of the Hudson Valley Cider Alliance logo



Hudson Valley Cider Alliance (Hudson Valley Region of NY) - A group of regional craft cider companies working to establish hard cider as the signature beverage of the Hudson Valley region in New York. 

Image of the New York Cider Association logo



New York Cider Association (NYC) - Established to advocate the growth of NY state's cider industry, the organization supports cider producers throughout the region by organizing Cider Week NYC each year, amoung other endeavors.

Image of the Northwest Cider Association logo


Northwest Cider Assocation (Northwest USA) - The NWCA is an association comprised of cider producers across the Pacific Northwest. Their mission is to promote awareness of artisan-produced ciders through classes, workshops, and other cider-focused events, which the organization coordinates and puts-on throughout the NW region. A great resource for any budding cider makers. 

Image of the Northwest Agriculture Business Center logo

Northwest Agriculture Business Center (NABC) (NW US) - As the primary supporter of the NW Cider Association, the NABC promotes the growth of the emerging hard cider industry through the various training and educational courses they offer, specifically in Washington state.

Image of the Rocky Mountain Cider Association logo

Rocky Mountain Cider Association (Southwest USA) - Comprised of cider & perry producers in the Rocky Mountain region (Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming), this organization exists to promote and encourage the growth of the cider-making industry in the Rocky Mountains. Great for any prospective cider makers in the Rocky Mountains interested in starting a cider business!

Image of the European Cider & Fruit Wine Association logo

European Cider and Fruit Wine Assocation (Europe) - Better know as the AICV, the organization was create to support the production and distribution of all cider, perry, and fruit wine products throughout those countries within the European Union represented by the AICV.

Image of the National Association of Cider Makers logo



National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) (UK) - As a member of the European Cider and Fruit Wine Association, the NACM was established represents all cider & perry producers, both large and small, in the UK.

Publications & Other Educational Resources

Cider & Perry Academy - Led by UK cider expert Peter Mitchell, the academy offers workshops and training for all levels on all-things-cider industry related. From cider-making workshops, to training and classes, the Cider & Perry Academy is one of the most widely respected institutions in the industry today.

The Cider Digest logo


The Cider Digest - An online forum for cider-makers and any cider enthusiasts looking to share cider-industry-related tips, tricks, and knowledge.

Image of the Cider Workshop logo


The Cider Workshop - An online resource/community for all cider & perry producers, suppliers, and supporters.
Image of the front cover of an issue of CiderCraft Magazine  

CIDERCRAFT Magazine - A print and digital publication that focuses on North American cider makers and their cider-producing endeavors.

Image of the United States of Cider logo

United States of Cider - An online journal/blog dedicated to the exploration and reporting of America's ever-growing hard cider industry.

Image of the Cider Journal logo


The Cider Journal - An online journal/forum for hard cider enthusiasts!

Conferences and Industry Events

Image of the CiderCon 2017 logo


CiderCon - Organized by the United States Association of Cider Makers, this national industry event was created to bring cider industry professionals from all over the US together to collaborate and share ideas about all things cider. CiderCon is also great for any new cider makers starting a cider business and looking to meet fellow industry colleagues!



Cider Summit - The Cider Summit Festivals, which take place in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, & Chicago, are the largest cider festival(s) currently taking place in the US. Each Summit strives to showcase a range of hard ciders from across the country and around the world. 

Image of a CiderWeek NYC ad, including date, time, and location of the cider festival

Cider Week NYC - Cider Week NYC was established to connect cider makers from all over NY state to top restaurants, bars, and shops throughout NYC. This celebration of craft cider serves to promote the industry through the various tastings, dinners, seminars, and workshops it holds during this week-long event.

Image of the CiderWeek Hudson Valley logo

Cider Week Hudson Valley - Cider Week Hudson Valley focuses on bringing together cider-makers friom across NY state to the top restaurants, bars, and shops in the Hudson Valley region. Its main goal is to support the craft cider industry through various tastings, dinners, seminars, and other events, which are held during this week-long celebration of cider in the Hudson Valley.

Tax Classifications, Federal Regulations & Cider-Compliance Guidelines 

TTB Cider Overview - This is the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau's all-encompassing guide to the federal requirements govering the cider industry. It covers all aspects of the cider arena - from compliance guidelines relating to production, to tax classifications regarding distribution and sales, the TTB covers it all in this document. A must-download for anyone interested in starting a cider business!

Considering how much cider-making regulations vary across the US, the type of cider you produce can greatly impacts which tax classifications apply to your product. Thankfully, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)'s definition of cider serves as a helpful guide for determining which regulations apply to your cider product.

TTB Cidery Permit Qualifications - for those interested in starting a cider business, or their very own cidery, this TTB document is your go-to sources for all permit qualifications and requirements. 

(FDA) Cider Compliance Policy Guidelines from the US Food and Drug Administration.

CIDER act - the recently-passed CIDER act is the perfect example of how complex the alcohol and regulatory aspects of cider-making can be. More importantly, it demonstrates the potential legal issues that surround every aspect of the industry - and that cider producers are constantly exposed to, at every stage of their process. That being said, law and accounting firms can be great resources for cider-makers looking for more information about staying compliance on all fronts of their cider production process. 

Be sure to check out the video playlist below for more tips and advice from cider makers and industry professionals on starting a cider business of your own:


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