The Bottle Filler Handbook

What you need to know to pick the best filler for you.

By Kinnek Community  |  March 16, 2017




Purchasing a bottle filler is essential to many businesses, but it can be a challenging project to tackle. In the Kinnek Bottle Filler Handbook, we dig into the data we’ve collected over the years through thousands of quote requests, conversations with buyers, and supplier interviews to find out what goes into choosing a filler that works best for you. We look at:


  • How to figure out what level of automation you need
  • What influences the price of a filler and what you should expect to pay
  • How much time other businesses budget for a bottle filler purchase
  • A collection of key terms you need to know to talk with suppliers


We hope our data will give you a benchmark to measure your purchase against, whether you're currently choosing a bottle filler or looking ahead to your next expansion. Do you have more advice for businesses who are starting to take on a bottle filler purchase?  Let us know!


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