Member Spotlight: Triton Brewery

David Waldman of Triton Brewing Company speaks to Kinnek about beer and brewing.

By Kinnek Community

Triton Brewing Company is a brewery located in the heartland of Indiana.  They recently used Kinnek to get quotes and find new suppliers for some major purchases.  We caught up with David Waldman, the Founder and Operations Director, to get some of his thoughts and insights.

What was helpful to you about Kinnek?
David: Kinnek gave us a portal to access a large number of suppliers for a diverse collection of brewery equipment and supplies.  We got quotes for 12 oz. beer bottles, 64 oz. growlers, and a 50 BBL Brewing System, all in a single location.  It gave us the ability to compare quotes side-by-side.  The vendors are well-known.  The response was quick and simple.  Great interface!  We ended up sourcing growlers through one of Kinnek's suppliers and got an exceptionally competitive price.

If you could describe Kinnek using three words, what could they be? 
David: Convenient. Diverse. Efficient.

David Waldman, Triton Brewing Company
David Waldman, Triton Brewing Company

What are some of the challenges you have in managing and growing Triton, not just related to purchasing? David: The one thing we never have enough of is time.  We are a small team, but mighty.  With the development of new markets (and states), we are constantly moving and growing.  To be on the Triton Brewing Team requires the ability to work at a level that for most would seem like overload.

What exciting plans does Triton have for the near future? David: Triton is expanding this year and just purchased a new gycol chiller and we are getting ready to buy 4 more fermentation vessels.  After that is expanding our cold room.  At the same time we are negotiating to purchase land to build a new 50-60 bbl production brewery in a nearby municipality. The new brewery expansion is more likely at the 18-24 month timeline.

What's one thing you know now that you wish you could tell yourself when you were first starting Triton? David: You will be staggered by the amount of money you will spend on attorneys, even when you keep your "nose clean!"

In an average week, how much time/stress is allocated to the different aspects of your job?
David: 30% Customer Service, 20% Marketing, 20% Legal / Contracts / Compliance, 10% Managing People, 10% Purchasing, 10% Investor and Board Management

What's the best piece of advice you can give to a brewing enthusiast who wants to make a business out of it?
David: Read everything you can get your hands on.  Join the Brewers' Association and utilize the resources there. Think very, very hard about what you're about to do.  It is very different doing commercial brewing versus home brewing.

What's your favorite Triton beer and why?
David: Not really a fair question.  Love the Seasonals.  I guess my favorite of the year-round beers or the USu-ales would have to be the Rail Splitter IPA.  7.0% abv, 70 ibus.  It is exceptionally well-balanced and is our #1 seller in every market.  It may be the one of our beers that best represents our corporate attitude and culture.

What do you like to do outside of Triton?
David: Outside of Triton I like to spend time with my family, do "market research" on the craft beer industry, listen to music, hike, camp, and canoe.

Thanks David for taking the time!  Here at Kinnek, we can help your business too, whether you're a brewery, winery, bakery, restaurant, hotel, farm, or any other business that has major purchasing needs.  Sign up for free or log in to your existing account.  Send us an e-mail for a chance to be featured in next month's Kinnek Member Spotlight.

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