Leveraging Wine Apps to Market Your Wine

The recent proliferation of mobile wine apps is bringing oenophiles together across the globe, and changing the way people perceive and consume wine. Winery owners and mangers now have a new and streamlined way to market to customers.

By Harrison Congdon  |  March 11, 2016

Picking wine is no easy task, but picking out a wine app can be. The recent proliferation of mobile wine applications is bringing oenophiles together across the globe, and changing the way people perceive and consume wine. Complete beginners now have a friendly and accessible education on wine. Business owners now have a new and streamlined way to market to customers.

Vivino's iOS app

The majority of these hundreds of wine apps can be broken down into two categories: scan-based and community-based. Scan-based apps are directed towards the more passive wine consumer by providing basic information to users who snap pictures of their bottles. Community-based apps take it a step further.


Take, for example, Delectable and Vivino. For starters, they both allow the user to obtain information on a bottle of wine simply by taking a picture of it. Like most scan-based apps, this information generally includes ratings, reviews, and flavor notes. However, Delectable and Vivino expand upon this idea by adding a social media component. This community-based feature allows one to follow friends, winemakers, and sommeliers from across the world. Users can interact by liking or commenting on other bottles that people within the community are drinking. Between the two, it’s hard to pick a winner as both apps are staggeringly impressive. While Delectable has quietly made a killing by allowing in-app purchases, Vivino still boasts one of the largest wine communities on the internet at over 7 million users.


So what does this mean for you, a winery owner?  Scan-based apps such as Corkz and Tipsi allow you to easily see how frequently your customers are searching for your wines and how often they are reviewing you. You can also perform the same search on your competitors. Community-based apps like Vivino and Drync allow you to amass a group of followers and market to them directly. In fact, they eagerly welcome sommeliers and winemakers. These apps allow you to interact with renowned experts in the community directly, stay up to date on the latest trends, and even generate content geared specifically to your consumers. Apps like Drync and Delectable even serve a utility beyond marketing by allowing for direct sale to consumers. Drync co-founder Brad Rosen recently disclosed that Drync’s purchasing catalog contains over 30,000 wines.

Delectable's iOS app

My advice? Give it a shot. Remember that any publicity is good publicity. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great for casting a wide net and, undeniably, have larger user populations. Although your message may hit fewer people using wine specific apps, the population that you are hitting has already been targeted for you, and that makes it a great tool for getting discovered. So get out there, market yourself, identify new trends, and get inspired! The process of consuming wine has entered the 21st century and so should you.


8 Wine Apps Reviewed


Blush for Wine

Blush for Wine aims to make shopping for wine easier. Upon opening Blush, the app prompts you to select an occasion, favorite color grape, complete a taste profile, and indicate your budget. Then, using your location Blush provides a list of wines matching your preferences and a list of stores nearby where you can find them. You can search for wine by scanning a barcode or using voice-activated technology. With Blush, it’s easy to update your friends on social media with what you’re drinking.

Platform: iOS | Price: Free



Bottlestock serves to solve the problem of forgetfulness when it comes to wining, allowing its users to actively log their drinks so they never forget a bottle they enjoy. In addition to providing wine suggestions based on your personally curated wine library, Bottlestock has a “Popular” section that lists wines that have been “enjoyed” or “wanted” in the past week. Each bottle of wine is tagged to identify popular tasting notes and help you choose your next bottle.

Platform: iOS | Price: Free



Corkz acts as a wine encyclopedia, containing information on commonly used wine terms, varying grape types, and wine regions across the world. Corkz also provides its you with access to the entire Cellar Tracker database, which contains detailed information such as reviews and pricing on over 1 million bottles of wine. Using your location, the app also tells you which wines people nearby are educating themselves on or consuming. Corkz also connects to your Twitter profile to allow you to update your follows on what you’re imbibing in real time.

Platform: iOS and Android | Price: $1.99



Delectable allows you to cultivate a profile and engage with like-minded drinkers across the world. The community includes a wide variety of sommeliers, winemakers, and wine pros who are actively update their Personal Wine Journals via the app. Suggestions are made based on the people you follow in addition to those wines that are trending on the app. If you like a bottle you see on Delectable, the app also allows for simple in-app purchases. For each bottle of wine, the app indicates the region of origin, the type of wine, and provides ratings from within the community. Delectable allows its users to scan an unlimited number of wines to add to their profiles and has a section devoted to everyday, affordable bottles of wine. To start selling on Delectable, contact them directly.

Platform: iOS and Android | Price: Free



Drync is another app that has a wide community of oenophiles generating content. Wine experts can use Drync to create “collections,” which serve as mediums by which you can better educate yourself on trends in the community. The app boasts a live feed that keeps you updated on what wines your friends are enjoying and what they think about it. Drync also allows for in-app purchasing via Apple Pay in case you happen to find a bottle you want to order right away. To start selling on Drync, contact them directly.

Platform: iOS | Price: Free


Hello Vino

Hello Vino markets itself as a personal wine shopping assistant. Using your location, it provides recommendations and popular deals for wine in your area. Hello Vino also provides easy telephone access to wine professionals within the app who are available to help you throughout the purchasing process. If you don’t have time to converse over the phone with one of Hello Vino’s wine experts, you can receive suggestions by manually selecting the drinking occasion. This is a great tool for learning more about wines, as the information is presented in an accessible and non-intimidating format.

Platform: iOS and Android | Price: Free



Tipsi offers the experience of having a sommelier in your back pocket. By taking a picture of a bottle label, Tipsi will display detailed background and purchase information from their very own database. You can also set your location to get recommendations near you. You can keep track of your drink history in the app. Based on what you’ve had, Tipsi will suggest wines for you to try in the future. Make sure to invite your friends in order to track their history and receive in-app gift suggestions.

Platform: iOS | Price: Free



Vivino boasts itself to be the world’s largest wine community, totalling over 7 million users. It encourages you to actively update their profiles by providing reviews and ratings. Vivino contains a wide variety featured content on wine ranging from recommendations to educational articles. Vivino creates a taste profile for you which is curated based on wines logged through the app and published on your profile. You can also easily engage with Vivino community by updating your wine list or commenting on the updates others within the community. Vivino provides its users with a bi-weekly wine-purchasing catalog that provides suggestions uniquely tailored to each user.

Users can also upgrade to premium for a small fee which allows them access ratings from preeminent critics in the wine world and manage their drinking profiles among other features.

Platform: iOS and Android | Price: Free (Premium- $4.99/month or $49.99/year)

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