Avalon Manufacturing

Corona, CA

Manufacturer Of Donut And Bakery Equipment
Donut Fryers - Nat. Gas, LP Gas & Electric Models
Portable Oil/Shortening Filter Machines
Donut Glazers - Heated & Non-Heated Models
Hot Icing Units - Table Top & Floor Model Units
Donut & Bakery Finishing Tables - Various Models
Combination Glazing/Hot Icing Tables - Various Models
Proofing Cabinets - S/S & Alum Models (1 & 2 Doors)
S/S Ingredient Bins - Various Models
S/S Cooling Racks - 1/2 Tree & Full Tree
Frying & Glazing Screens - All Sizes S/S & Nickel Plated
Misc. Supplies - Depositors, Fillers, Cutters, Papers, Etc.

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