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Jim Thorpe, PA

We have been specializing in POP to the Beverage industry for more than 35 years collectively, and serve many of the largest craft breweries across the country. 

BSMS can offer some unique advantages to you.
•	Proactive and strategic solutions based on a solid understanding of beverage marketing needs and budgets.
•	Unique promotional concept and quote planning, including working within budget to develop items customized uniquely for Breweries.  
•	Comprehensive understanding competitive nature of the industry and related marketing needs for growing breweries
•	Solutions for POP both on and off premise, as well as event marketing.
Keep us in mind for RFQs for development.  We will do our best to find a solution, after all we are Bright Star Marketing Solutions.
NEON, LED Signs, Bar mats, Counter mats, Menu Boards, LED message boards, Promotional Games, Wood display, 6 Pack holder, Flight Trays, Crates and more.

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