Calf Star LLC

New Franken, WI

Calf Star LLC. is a company that manufactures calf milk pasteurizers.  We offer a variety of different models to best suit your dairy’s needs.  We customize our calf milk pasteurizers to whatever you may need to feed your calves.  We are also the United States distributor for Holm & Laue calf feeders from Germany.  This company offers a variety of different feeders to help feed your calves.  The products we sell are cost beneficial and save time on your dairy. Holm & Laue also handles a milk taxi which is a batch milk pasteurizer.  We go to many different trade shows throughout the Midwest and hope to attend more shows throughout the United States in the future.

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Nov. 08, 2016 Sold 1 unit of pasteurizers to a customer in Hilo, HI

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1 recent sale on Kinnek

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