Cider Supply, LLC

Ferndale, WA

Cider Supply, LLC operates locally as Renaissance Orchards, and online as

Renaissance Orchards
is an award winning self-sufficient cidery/winery, which improves cider quality by growing and using its own European cider apples to meet the quality levels required for producing Premium French and English style cider and perry. Also maintained and studied are two research orchards of over 300 cider-specific cultivars that make Renaissance Orchards one of the most complete and diverse banks of genetic material in North America. through its US online ordering system; supplies nurseries, cideries, and orchards with large volumes of cider-specific genetic material as scionwood cuttings for grafting. Customers create new or diversify existing orchards with key cultivars for blending cider and reaching targeted flavor profiles. The list of cultivars available also allow orchards to establish high cropping volumes within cider regions with adverse growing conditions. also distributes top-quality enzymes made from Kosher-Certified raw materials to cider and perry makers world-wide. The non-generic specialized enzymes clear juice, improved pressing yield, and increase volumes of filtered juice between filter cleaning intervals. 

For the unique cider and perry making tasks, the popular Keeving Kit is supplied to every cider making region in the world. Keeved Cider and Perry typically fetch highest price, win gold, and are highest in demand. Once most people try an authentic correctly made and naturally carbonated Keeved-Cider or Perry; what is immediately noticed is the residual sweetness and high retention of body, fruit flavors, aroma, and balance of acid and tannin. With a three-dimensional lingering finish, even novice cider and perry drinkers quickly recognize what Premium tastes like.

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