Cloud Packaging Solutions

Des Plaines, IL

Cloud Packaging Equipment is the premier developer and manufacturer of high speed horizontal pouching, thermoforming and filter pack machinery. Cloud has been designing and creating custom packaging equipment for more than 85 years. 

Cloud's primary packaging machinery: the ServOriginal, Performa and Performa SP, the Hydroforma and Hydroforma SP, and its Filter Pack offer machinery choices that can meet every packaging need. Cloud's secondary packaging equipment is built to meet the same high standards as our primary packaging equipment. Our engineers are expert at designing a full system customized to meet your specific needs.
All of Cloud's rugged, high capacity primary and secondary packaging machinery integrates easily and effectively with third party as well as our own equipment. Cloud's packaging machinery adapts easily to custom product packaging needs and provides maximum up-time. 

We not only provide you with the best high capacity, rugged equipment, we also provide you with installation, training, parts, retrofits, and upgrades. We make sure you get the maximum benefit from your Cloud equipment investment.

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Mike Werner

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Des Plaines, IL



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