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Salt Lake City, UT

CoastalTek LC began as a small family owned business in 1998 with Ron and Jason Vick as partners. We have grown by adding highly skilled personnel and by offering numerous advantages over other companies.  We have established a diversified and world-wide customer base. 

About Universal Labeling Systems:  

Established in 1968 as a general contracting machine shop, Universal, then called Park Products, designed and built its first labeling machine in 1972.  After building labeling machines under the name of another manufacturer, the ULS line came into its own in 1984.  With our own design, fabrication, and assembly facilities, Universal Labeling Systems was poised to become the most complete manufacturer of pressure sensitive labeling equipment.

Today we are proud to be North Americas largest manufacturer of made-to-order, pressure sensitive labeling equipment.  No other labeling machinery manufacturer can lay claim to as many uniquely designed systems as ULS.  All machines are designed and built in the USA at our St. Petersburg, Florida facility.

25,000 plus labeling machines and systems have been produced by Universal over our 32 successful years in the industry. Our engineering staff, using the very latest in design and modeling software, has over 100 combined years of engineering labeling solutions. Those designs move from CAD drawing to aluminum and steel, fabricated in our in-house machine shop. The finely- machined components come together in our assembly facility where the systems are built and tested in accordance with your products, labels, and requirements.

Recent sales on Kinnek

Sep. 21, 2017 Sold 1 unit of bottle labelers to a customer in 75494, TX

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1 recent sale on Kinnek

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