Consolidated Plastics

Hudson, OH

Founded in 1981, Consolidated Plastics is a family company based in Stow, Ohio. Consolidated Plastics offers a variety of commercial floor matting, bottles, containers and bags. Focused on providing environmentally friendly products, the company is proud to offer many products that are made in the USA including 99% of our floor mats. Aquasorb & Majestic commercial mats are made from recycled rubber tires and drink bottles.

Consolidated Plastics bottles, bags and containers are always in stock and ready to ship the same day filled & packed by Jim (serving you since 1992) and Dave (not missing a day since 1988). Our product offering includes:

Bottles, caps
Spray bottles
Beakers & Weighing Dishes
Reclosable bags
Poly bags
Trash bags
Nylon plastic cable ties
Thermo Impulse Sealers

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Apr. 07, 2016 Sold 2000 jars of plastic jars to a customer in Spartanburg, SC

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