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Larchmont, NY

Since 1977, when it first introduced continuous tempering technology to small artisan and craft confectioners, FBM has been an innovator in the field. Today the FBM product range includes continuous tempering machines in working bowl capacities of 4-60Kg and a complete range of accessories for enrobing and depositing. Melting tanks in capacities of 50-300kg are available as are cooling tunnels in 300 and 400mm widths and lengths from 6-10 meters. 

Every piece of FBM equipment is made to order, so it can be customized for the unique needs of each customer. Special applications include coating ice cream bars in compound and cooling tunnels up to 17M in length with multiple temperature zones.

Recent sales on Kinnek

Feb. 12, 2015 Sold 1 unit of chocolate enrobers to a customer in Seattle, WA

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1 recent sale on Kinnek

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