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Founded as Filter Technologies, Inc. in 2000, and in 2008, Filter Technologies started doing business as (dba) Filter & Water Technologies. This was due to the representation of Aquafine and Trojan Technologies, the worlds largest UV equipment manufacturer.

Due to the rapid growth in sales and a focus on the high purity water market, Filter & Water Technologies (FWT) was incorporated and became a stand-alone company. Filter & Water is a design, fabricate, and service based company that builds systems for the ultrapure water market. Abilities include designing systems to meet current USP purified specifications. For more information see

In order to have clarity between the distribution division and high purity water systems division, Filter Technologies, Inc. has re-named itself in 2014, and we are now doing business as (dba) Filter Process & Supply.



Filter Process & Supply partners with our customers to provide them with comprehensive solutions to their general filter and process requirements in an efficient, effective, and customer centric manner.

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Sep. 09, 2016 Sold 6 units of wine tanks to a customer in Childs, PA
Aug. 18, 2016 Sold 2 units of wine tanks to a customer in Lynnville, TN
Jul. 27, 2016 Sold 2 units of holding tanks to a customer in Erie, PA

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