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Carrollton, TX

FVW Supply, a division of Fine Vine Wines, LLC is Texas' newest supplier of wine making equipment and supplies for commercial wineries. For those of you that don't know us, our other division, The Wine Maker's Toy Store, has been serving the home wine makers for 10 years. The extension of the business into the commercial equipment was just a natural move for us.

We became one of the largest home wine making supply stores in the U.S. by offering exceptional products and outstanding customer service. We will continue to follow this approach with the commercial equipment by using suppliers known for the quality of their products. We will carry stainless steel tanks made by Albrigi Technologies, one of the finest and easiest to clean tanks in the industry and backed by a 25 year warranty. Our pumps, de-stemmer/crushers, presses, harvest and bottling equipment, are from Enotecnica Pillan. You may not have heard their name, but several years ago, they acquired Zambelli, a well-respected name in wine making equipment, especially pumps. Our hose is manufactured by Kuriyama, another well-respected brand.

We have made several trips to both Albrigi and Pillan to train on their products. It is our plan to not only sell the products, but provide training and support for everything we sell. We will also do our best to stock the common replacement parts like fittings, membranes and hardware. There is nothing like needing a replacement part in the middle of harvest and not being able to find one locally.
 Although we will gladly provide products and services to any winery, our focus will be to determine what the wineries in Texas and surrounding states need us to sell. For that reason, we will be offering pre-order specials. These specials will be communicated on the web site and through our monthly newsletter (sign up on the web site).

Whether you make 500 cases per year, 100,000 cases per year or anywhere in between, we want to be your supplier and will be happy to discuss your needs to make sure you not only get what you want, but what you need. If you have any specific needs or questions, please give us a call. 

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