Fruition Sciences

Oakland, CA

Fruition sciences is focussed in precision viticulture. Our cloud software enables
your team to sync all their vineyard data like fruit analysis, petiole data, water potential readings, climatic data as well as data coming from our solutions. 

The total of this information gives you insights on the vine status during the season which will help you taking accurate and data based decision to optimize your vineyard management practices including irrigating more efficiently.

It has been scientifically proven that our solution able our customers to improve their yields by 15% and their water saving by 60% on average. Some of our customers even achieved dry-farming. 

On average, our customers reduced their shoot thinning operations by $1,000 / acre

And of course the wine quality at the end is always higher because we listen the vine and stress it just enough to be able to create the taste you need to characterize your vineyard.

Regarding our products/analysis, on top of Fruition Analytics, we provide a sap flow sensor, a laser vine vigor detection (physiocap) as well as 3 new solutions. The first one to estimate yield maps at pea size,  the second one to track nitrogen profile in the leaf from budbreak to harvest and the last one to track the profile of anthocyanin post veraison until harvest.

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