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Los Angeles, CA

The people at General Bottle Supply are dedicated to the service of our customers first. Our mission is to give you the best service, along with knowledgeable packaging expertise so that you can shop for all your containers in one place. We aim to be your trusted resource for bottle supply needs. In our website you will find a selection of containers that we have in stock, or to which we have immediate access. In addition, we can obtain a wide range of other containers or closures for customers with special needs. We can match the colors and styles of your existing containers, or help you find just the right package for your newest product. With minimums, we can arrange for labeling and silkscreening. Our custom bottle supply solutions offer an unparalleled combination of price and quality. We strive to build long-term relationships, not just to make the quick sale. We want you to know that we are at your service. How can we serve you?

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