General Rubber & Plastics

Lexington, KY

General Rubber and Plastics Inc. has been in business for more than 30 years. It is one of the largest distributing companies in the state of Kentucky. The Lexington, Kentucky, branch was started in 1978. Since opening its doors, General Rubber and Plastics Inc. has expanded to six locations including in London and Florence, Kentucky, and in three other states: Huntsville, Alabama; San Antonio, Texas; and Tupelo, Mississippi.  General Rubber and Plastics Inc. services small, medium, and large manufacturers. We pride ourselves on our Dependable Customer Service, quality products, valued expertise, and competitive pricing. We have a dedicated professional sales team to provide problem solving and solutions to our customers.   The largest industry we serve is the Automotive Manufacturing Industry. Our automotive sales team also provides direct and indirect products as well as Kaizen (continuous improvement) opportunities within each automotive plant throughout the United States and Canada.

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