Headframe Spirits Manufacturing

Butte, MT

Headframe Spirits Manufacturing is a proud American fabricator of Continuous Flow Distillation equipment for the micro-distilling industry.  The automation of our still decreases man hours while increasing the efficiency of the distilling process when compared to conventional batch distillation. If you are looking to start a distillery with plenty of room for growth, or looking to increase your current production while streamlining your process and reducing the bottleneck of your pot still... We have the still for you.

At the turn of the twentieth century, America was booming and the future was bright. The Industrial Revolution was pushing technology forward, powered by steam and ingenuity. Railroads crossed the continent, connecting people and resources as never before. A network of wires began to weave its way throughout the country, with electric signals and power humming through thousands of miles of Copper.

In 2010, John and Courtney McKee founded Headframe Spirits and Headframe Spirits Manufacturing in celebration of Buttes spirit. Standing on the confluence of four lodes of ore, in one of the citys historic buildings, our company operates with the deepest respect for the history of Butte and the legacy of the mines and the people who worked there. Just as the miners would share an evening together after a hard days work, today we share holidays, celebrations and everyday moments with those closest to us.

Headframe Spirits Manufacturing is the only company in the world which produces Continuous Flow Distillation equipment for the micro-distilling industry. The company is equal parts history and technology, which derives from the rich history and ingenuity that the beautiful hometown of Butte has to offer. 

Our CF-1000 includes a single-column demethylizer, used to extract heads compounds from rectified spirits from upstream processes to produce beverage alcohol and requires either 1 or 2 skids, depending on need and final configuration.  A single pass solution for producing spirits up to 95% ABV, the CF-1000 requires 50% less time and recovers 3 times more alcohol per hour than a traditional pot still. The CF-1000 is capable of grain-on distillation, eliminates the need to make cuts, and can be fitted to run by direct steam injection and/or an external reboiler.

Keep your primary product lines in operation by programming your recipes. Our stills offer (and log) real-time trending of temperature, levels, and pressures; allowing the operator to make specific changes as needed. Each skid has an attached remote support system available for troubleshooting, training, and guidance from Headframe Spirits Manufacturing headquarters in
Butte, Montana.

We believe in community.  We believe in our ability to make great things happen together.  We believe in raising a glass and celebrating our shared achievements.  Headframe Spirits Manufacturing builds the equipment that elevates spirits production, because we should all be able to focus more attention on celebrating our accomplishments, not struggling to reach them.


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