Heritage Equipment

Plain City, OH

The Heritage Equipment Company philosophy is truly unique in our present marketplace. At a time when the cost of maintaining adequate inventory has increased at a skyrocketing rate we have continued to maintain the largest on-site stock of both new and used processing equipment for the dairy, brewery and distillery, food and related industries. Experience has taught us that stocking such a vast selection of equipment is the most effective way of servicing our valued customers. Our ability to respond promptly and efficiently to industry needs is of greatest importance. Obstacles such as long factory lead times, the high cost of transportation and logistical inefficiencies have made it difficult for processors to alter or expand their operations as quickly as often necessary. We offer equipment from stock, and specialize in the immediate delivery of new and reconditioned equipment.

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Oct. 10, 2014 Sold 40 units of fermenters to a customer in Baltimore, MD

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