Hooked On Solar

Auburn, CA

Hooked on Solar includes everything to complete your energy plant for a fixed price with no hidden costs or surprises. And it will be installed on time!   We take you through all phases from evaluation, design, engineering, planning, permitting, installation and interconnection to your electric company. Hooked on Solar does all the paper work, necessary for the incentives and rebates leaving you worry free!   Hooked on Solar was formed by a coalition of general contractors that have class B licenses which covers all aspects of construction - not like most companies which have a C-10 license, which covers only electrical installations.   Because of our extensive background, Hooked on Solar can incorporate solar with many elements, patio shade covers, outdoor kitchens, free standing architectural iron, and of course the standard roof or ground mount. Hooked on Solar is a full service photovoltaic (pv) solar installer focusing on you, the client. With over 50 years of custom home building

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