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Springfield, VT

Image Tek Labels provides custom printed labels for craft beer cans and craft beer bottles as well as keg wraps. We are especially knowledgeable about mobile canning systems and label applicators. In addition to craft beer, we provide labeling solutions for other beverage manufacturers from wine and cider to craft spirits. Image Tek uses cutting edge digital printing technology that requires no plate fees, die charges, set up or color charges, making printing different styles of beer convenient and affordable. We offer a variety of finishes so the customer can make their brand unique. We can provide the full package for anything you need for pressure sensitive labels.

Recent sales on Kinnek

Jun. 04, 2017 Sold 1000 units of can labels to a customer in Berlin, NJ
Mar. 05, 2017 Sold 250 units of bottle labels to a customer in Lynchburg, VA
Feb. 01, 2017 Sold 1000 units of bottle labels to a customer in Ayer, MA

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3 recent sales on Kinnek

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