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At Inbarco USA, we connect brewers directly to our local farmers in Slovenia, to bring you the finest high quality Aroma Hops in the world. Different varieties grow on well cultivated hop fields backed by years of combined horticulture experience.  

Each year we harvest more than 5000 tons of pure cones. These hops are available to commercial breweries, brew pubs, home brewers and herbal practitioners. We work closely with the Institute for Beer Brewing and Hop Growing in Zalec, monitoring production controls and varieties development through sustainable practices and endless research.

On the world list of hop varieties the variety STYRIAN HOPS is among the following groups of aromatic hops: 

Hallertauer, Mittelfruher, Hersbrucker, Spat, Klon 18, Lubliner, Saazer
Cascade, Fuggles, Mount Hood, Willamette, Cluster, among others.

Be sure to consider contracting forward for future hop needs!

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