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Q Do commercial bread slicer machines have thickness options?

A We do carry a company called Oliver that has adjustable bread slicers. You can adjust the thickness from 3/8" to 1.5" according to your preferences. For more information, call us ... Read On

Q What are the benefits of disposable pan liners as compared to reusable ones?

A Your choice will depend primarily on your intended use-case. If you intend to use the pan liner as a way to ensure a non-stick, grease resistant, moisture-retentive surface, then a ... Read On

Q I’m interested in baking commercially. What do I need to do if I want to move out of my home kitchen?

A You'll have to make choices based off two primary considerations: local regulations and your budget. Though you may be able to work out of your home kitchen at first, some ... Read On

Q I use aluminum steel pans in my bakery. I’ve heard that the life of these pans can be affected by how they’re cleaned. What can I do to maintain them properly?

A For pan cleaning generally, you'll want to: allow the pan to cool off thoroughly before cleaning begins (so as to prevent any warping of the material), avoid bleach, disinfectants, and ... Read On