Chocolate Tempering Machine

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Q What do I need to know going from a hand-dipper to a chocolate enrober?

A The reason to move to enrobing from hand dipping is the need for increased capacity. Not only will enrobers increase production but they will give more consistent results, uniform coverage ... Read On

Q Are there differences between a tempering system that can be used for white chocolate vs dark chocolate?

A There are no inherent technical differences between tempering machines for white, milk, or dark chocolate. In general, the temperatures for working with milk and dark chocolate are higher than they ... Read On

Q Can I get some opinions on the Mini Enrober and Choco TT by Bakon?

A The real question about suitability can only be answered knowing how much production you are doing - and what kinds of products you are doing. However, in looking at the ... Read On

Q How does a chocolate tempering melter work?

A That depends on the kind of temperer you are referring to. Batch melter/temperers are either completely manual or semi-automatic but the main features are that they control temperature precisely. Some ... Read On