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Q What are the main reasons I would need to purchase a walk-in proofer instead of a pass-through proofer?

A It will depend mostly on your operation. Pass thru units are great if you have a kitchen staff in the back dedicated to making doughs for the front people whom ... Read On

Q Anyone have any thoughts on Doyon mobile proofers vs Hobart proofers? I'm evaluating both brands for my bakery.

A In my opinion, Doyon is my "go to" brand for bakery equipment. That's what they do, and Doyon does not pretend to be an all around equipment manufacturer. They have ... Read On

Q How high can my temperature go before the yeast gets affected?

A During bulk fermentation or final proofing, you can go as high as 93 degrees Fahrenheit, when bacterial activity peaks. Once you go above that temperature, the yeast will either go ... Read On