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Q If I need to make both shortbread biscuit type cookies and muffins, is there one type of depositing machine that could work for me?

A There are depositing machines on the market that would suit your needs perfectly. A gearwheel depositor (toothed wheel) with in-feed rollers will allow you to handle both the heavier dough ... Read On

Q I'm looking to mass produce a burrito type product. For depositing on the tortillas, would I use a cookie/muffin depositor, or are there special tortilla depositors out there?

A There are specific tortilla depositor/folding machines that make the process simpler and more efficient. Mass production of a burrito product is fairly labor intensive unless you purchase a folding machine ... Read On

Q For making chunk-type cookies at approx. 500 dozen per hour, what type of cookie depositing system would you recommend?

A Though I do not have a specific recommendation, if you are looking for a cookie depositing system for making chunky cookies, then you should ensure that the system has 'cluster ... Read On