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Your questions on Planetary Mixers answered by industry experts.

Q It seems that Hobart is the most popular dough mixer brand. Why is that? Are there other brands out there of similar quality?

A Hobart is indeed the most popular brand due to its rugged construction and strong motors. (we have many customers using Hobart mixers for more than 30 years…) Here are some ... Read On

Q For a dough mixer, what would you recommend for a small-sized bakery using it mostly for cake batter? Planetary or spiral?

A Planetary is perfect for your application. Spiral mixers are a lot more expensive and are mostly used for heavy dough and imitate a hand-kneading action. Read On

Q For a 20 quart dough mixer, what is the most common power rating for the motor?

A Most 20 quart mixers that we see quoted by suppliers tend to have motors in the range of 0.5 HP to 1.5 HP. I have seen mixers that have even ... Read On

Q Do I need a specialized mixer for pizza dough?

A Spiral Mixers are the best choice for mixing pizza dough. The spiral mixer gently mixes the dough without heat buildup. There are many sizes available from 25 lb. (flour capacity). Read On