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Q I need about 12 full size pans to fit in my proofing cabinet. What size should I go for?

A If you need just enough space for 12 full size (18x26in.) pans, then a 3/4-size proofing cabinet should be fine. If you foresee needing a larger capacity at some point ... Read On

Q Should I go with solid doors or glass doors for my proofing cabinet?

A This is totally a matter of personal preference and must also take into consideration your unique kitchen processes. Solid doors tend to be the best for insulation and offer the ... Read On

Q Money is a bit tight, but I hear insulated cabinets are worthwhile. Is this true?

A It's certainly true that insulated cabinets are worthwhile, though whether it makes sense for you depends on if you can afford an insulated proofing cabinet in the first place. Insulated ... Read On

Q Do I need to worry about upgrading the casters on my proofing cabinet?

A Not unless you plan to be wheeling your proofing cabinets over long distances or over rough ground. Generally, standard five-inch casters will be fine for most kitchen uses. If you ... Read On