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Q How should I package my product?

A Options include bottles, cartons, jugs, packaging equipment, filling equipment. Read On

Q I need to place labels on both glass and cardboard containers. Would I need to get two separate machines for this, or could this be done using the same system? I'm roughly thinking of handling about 1000 containers per hour each for the glass and cardboard containers.

A It is possible to use the same labeling system depending on where the labels are placed on the glass vs. cardboard container. Read On

Q What's the cost of custom liquor bottles?

A Any custom bottle will need to be quoted at 100,000 pieces. Please message us for a quote. Read On

Q Are PET plastic beer bottles a viable alternative to glass bottles?

A PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Plastics are generally clear, tough and are a good barrier to gas and moisture. PET also has a good resistance to heat. All of our products are ... Read On