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Q Are there suppliers that sell both the label applicator/machine and the labels themselves?

A Yes. We can help you with both. Read On

Q Can a bottle paper labeling machine be converted or used to label plastic labels on bottles or is a completely separate bottle labeling machine needed?

A The Advent semi-automatic labeling machines will label most materials. There is no sensor,instead there is a trip finger that reads the label. Contact us for a free video showing the ... Read On

Q Why are both the size and shape of my label important to consider?

A Label costs are driven primarily by size as well as material, quantity, and finish. You also need to be sure that the label does not extend to the tapered areas ... Read On

Q Does it matter whether my label maker can be used with different software?

A A lot of labeling machines come packed in with unique proprietary software. Worse, these machines can only be used with this software. Proprietary software is not necessarily unworkable, but it ... Read On